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IT Outsourcing

Compunet has been providing IT support and outsourcing of IT staff to its customers since 1987. We provide support in many ways from emergency callouts, to managed services, to outsourcing IT staff on long-term assignment. In today’s economic climate there are many advantages in using an IT Outsourcing company such as Compunet.

IT Outsourcing enables companies to focus on their strengths and core business activities, whilst leaving all or part of the IT function with an external IT company. At Compunet we provide outsourced services on many different levels and work on a bespoke approach with our clients at all times.

We have customers across a range of sectors who utilise our IT outsourcing services to manage their internal IT functions, many of which do so on a permanent long term basis. It makes it easy to scale your IT activity up or down and draw on the broad range of IT expertise we can provide. Dealing with a team of IT engineers who can utilise the group experience to resolve all support issues, or plan and implement a project. The team are circulated so we get a wide range of knowledge about each customer through each team member. As we are constantly working with the latest technology for other clients, you incur no future training costs.

Compunet have provided an outstanding service to both us and our clients for the past ten years. I would recommend them to any business looking to outsource their IT requirements.
Bill Kearney | Acorn Business Centre

IT outsourcing does not necessarily mean changing all of your IT staff, as this could be crippling to many companies.  In fact, if you were to use Compunet for your IT outsourcing requirements, we would potentially take on your internal staff to continue to work on your projects.


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